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Milwaukee Tool donation connects students to future careers

October 12th, 2017

Milwaukee Tool engineers (and MSOE mechanical engineering alumni) gather with faculty from MSOE's Mechanical Engineering Department

Milwaukee Tool engineers gather with faculty from MSOE’s Mechanical Engineering Department. All of these engineers are mechanical engineering alumni.

Oct. 12, 2017 — MSOE students recently had the opportunity to get a glimpse into potential careers when Milwaukee Tool sent about a dozen engineers (all of whom are MSOE alumni) to campus for a hands-on demonstration of their tools. Students, faculty and members of the MSOE Facilities Department interacted with Milwaukee Tool’s engineers and learned more about the engineering that went into the development and creation of the tools.

Industry partnerships are a critical part of the MSOE curriculum and a practice that is mutually beneficial: leading manufacturers have access to potential future employees and students experience real-world applications of their education.

“Milwaukee Tool is a longtime supporter of MSOE and we are continuing to increase our contributions,” said Matt Bertsch ’97, vice president of engineering – cordless NPD at Milwaukee Tool.

The company recently showed their support of the university with a donation that will both enhance the classroom experience and the campus as a whole. MSOE the grateful recipient of nearly $15,000 worth of Milwaukee Tool products for the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Facilities Department, which allowed them to standardize their tool set and have a consistent set of batteries and devices to maintain laboratories as well as campus buildings and grounds.

MSOE students had the opportunity to pre-register with Milwaukee Tool for the MSOE Career Fair.

MSOE students had the opportunity to pre-register with Milwaukee Tool for the MSOE Career Fair.

“This donation is a welcome addition to the tools available to our students for work on class and senior projects,” said Dr. Matthew Panhans, chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department. “Not only will it help their projects, the students are benefitting from the relationship MSOE has with Milwaukee Tool.”

“We view MSOE as a strategic partner to our growth and want the facilities staff to have the best tools to do their jobs. Through our contributions to labs, SAE, ASME, IEEE, etc. we want to strengthen our brand recognition on campus as well as provide students and staff excellent tools to do their jobs and become the world’s best engineers.”

In addition, the hands-on demo served as an opportunity for students to register their information and credentials with Milwaukee Tool in advance of the MSOE Career Fair, where the company would be an exhibitor. Ninety-six students registered, and many of them were interviewed on campus after interacting with Milwaukee Tool’s recruiters at the Career Fair—several received immediate offers.

“We considered it a huge success and are discussing future events of similar or larger scope. Milwaukee Tool has an incredible amount of opportunities for MSOE students and graduates: new product development, mechanism design, value engineering, quality, test engineering, firmware, hardware, software, App development,” said Bertsch. “Milwaukee Tool is an engineer’s paradise – we strive to employ the best and brightest while equipping them with the highest caliber of support equipment, software and staff. Milwaukee Tool has grown at over 20 percent per year since 2009 and we have aggressive plans to continue this world-class expansion. We are continuously recruiting for new team members to join us in our vision and culture.”

Members of MSOE's Facilities Department

Members of MSOE’s Facilities Department

Milwaukee School of Engineering is an independent, non-profit university with about 2,900 students that was founded in 1903. MSOE offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, business and nursing. The university has a national academic reputation; longstanding ties to business and industry; dedicated professors with real-world experience; a 97% placement rate; the highest ROI and average early and mid-career salaries of any Wisconsin university according to PayScale Inc.; and is highly ranked by organizations such as U.S. News and World ReportForbesMoneyWall Street Journal and The Princeton Review. MSOE graduates are well-rounded, technologically experienced and highly productive professionals and leaders.

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Engineering the weather

June 20th, 2016

June 20, 2016 — 2016_news_prust_class3Undergraduate electrical and computer engineering students applied concepts they learned in class this year to capture live data from a weather satellite orbiting the Earth and turn it into images using digital signal processing technology.

Students in Dr. Cory Prust’s Applications of Digital Signal Processing class gathered in the Werwath Mall on May 18 and 19 when the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite made its way over Wisconsin. The NOAA employs polar orbiting satellites for a variety of environmental monitoring tasks. Included on these satellites is an Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) system, which provides real-time image data of the Earth’s surface. Students were able to collect this data using software-defined radio (SDR) technology and a special antenna.

“Software-defined radio technology has transformed much of the modern communications and networking fields, and exposure to this technology is increasingly important for our students,” said Prust. “Incorporating SDR into my courses has been extremely rewarding. It has enabled me to do things that weren’t previously possible. In the case of this project, being able to collect real data from an orbiting satellite makes for a highly engaging learning experience for my students.”

2016_news_prust_class2But collecting the data was only the first step of the project. “Each student had to apply various digital processing techniques developed through the course to extract the raw data that was captured,” said senior Michael Rajzer, an electrical engineering major. “This included implementing an FM demodulator followed by an AM demodulator to process the data so it would be converted into a grayscale image.”

Rajzer (pictured at left with Prust) used the technical computing program MATLAB to implement the demodulation systems and obtain pixel data that he then organized to produce an image of the Earth’s surface.

“I had to create my own digital filters to remove unwanted portions of the data, which was very important since the desired signal was weak compared to the background noise caused by other sources, such as nearby radio stations,” he said.

But the work paid off. “Although it was very challenging to complete, the outcome was very rewarding,” Rajzer said. “It was awesome to finally see the image of the Earth after all of the processing was complete – especially since the prominence of the Great Lakes in the image made it possible to see where everything was and what the Earth looked like on that particular day.”

This opportunity is one of many at MSOE that enable students to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application.

2016_news_prust_class1“It was great to actually implement the ideas and techniques learned in previous courses in a real-world application,” Rajzer said. Rajzer graduated from MSOE in May, and was hired by Snap-on Inc. as a design engineer in the Power Tools group.

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