Campus Shuttle

MSOE Public Safety Dept.

The Public Safety Department operates a campus shuttle service to provide safe transportation to and from all campus buildings and parking lots. The shuttle service is available to all members of the campus community.

Call (414) 277-7464 to request the campus shuttle service.

Shuttle hours of operation

Sunday through Thursday 2 pm until 10:30 pm
Friday: 11:30 am until 8:00 pm

Shuttle service area

The campus shuttle provides service to and from MSOE campus buildings, parking lots and the student parking structure. The MSOE shuttle service boundaries are: N. Market St. on the west, N. Van Buren St. on the east, E. Ogden St. on the north, and E. Wells St. on the south (view map).

All requests for shuttle service must originate or terminate at an MSOE building, parking lot, or the student parking structure.

Although the campus shuttle service is primarily an on-campus safety service, the campus shuttle may go outside the designated service area to the following locations, if on-campus conveyance volume and weather conditions permit:

  1. Student parking structure, 1305 N. Broadway
  2. Amtrak Station, 433 W. St. Paul Avenue
  3. Greyhound Bus Company, 433 W. St. Paul Avenue
  4. Mega Bus Company, 433 W. St. Paul Avenue
  5. Badger Bus Company, 635 N. James Lovell Drive
  6. Documented medical appointments or emergency treatment at:
    • Mount Sinai Hospital, 945 N. 12th St.
    • Columbia-St. Mary Urgent Care, 734 N. Jackson St.
    • Aurora Health Center, 1575 N. River Center Dr.
    • Aurora Urgent Care, 946 N. Van Buren St.
    • Farwell Avenue Clinic, 1845 N. Farwell Ave.

All requests for conveyances outside the normal shuttle boundaries end at 10 p.m. (Sun.-Thurs.).

Requests for shuttle service

Requests for the campus shuttle service are processed in the order they are received and individuals requesting campus shuttle service occasionally may experience a delay in service due to other pending requests for this service. As a service to the students, the shuttle driver will attempt to provide an estimated time of arrival for the shuttle pick-up when the call for service is first received. However, students need to keep in mind that this is only an estimate and the actual pick-up time can vary from the estimated time due to the number of pending calls at the time; the amount of traffic on the road; and the current weather conditions.

The shuttle does not operate on Saturdays, student breaks, quarter breaks, holiday breaks and during the summer months.

While we do everything we can to make sure the shuttle service is available during the stated hours of operation, this service is not guaranteed due to unexpected staffing shortages or mechanical breakdown of the shuttle vehicle.

Area mass transit

Area mass transit includes the bus and trolley lines, operated by the Milwaukee County Transportation System. Many route stops are within or near campus.

For passenger rail service information, see the Amtrak website.

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