Going Green

We are committed to building a sustainable future and creating awareness on a local, national and global level. From the green projects on campus to the curriculum in the classrooms, MSOE seeks to reduce its carbon footprint and increase environmental awareness.

Students graduate with the knowledge and ability to engineer a brighter future — to design eco-friendly buildings, build more efficient engines, and harness the power of solar energy and other renewable fuel sources.

  • MSOE has implemented single-stream recycling on campus, which allows us to collect all plastic, glass, aluminum, clean cardboard and newsprint in one bin for recycling. This mixed product is then taken to a central plant where it is sorted and recycled. We have also established a dedicated paper recycling and shredding stream to help protect MSOE students and employees and to comply with all state and federal privacy laws.
  • MSOE has partnered with Growing Power for composting our biodegradable dining products used by Food Service Inc. on campus. We have established a dedicated compostable stream for the collection of biodegradable plates, cups and soup bowls used in Skylight Cafe.
  • Several student organizations on campus focus their activities on helping the environment, including the Association of Energy Engineers, Ducks Unlimited, Engineers Without Borders and more.

More Green Projects at MSOE

Solar Panels
Pervious Parking Lot
Rooftop Sculpture Garden