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Note: MSOE is no longer accepting applicants to this program.

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img-bus-photos3-2012Business management students at MSOE capitalize on the university’s nearly 60-year history of providing a technology-rich business education, one that features the same real-world applications and high-tech labs that MSOE is known for.

Today’s dynamic business environment is driven by a fast-paced, global economy—and today’s businesses need critical thinkers, ethical practitioners and creative problem solvers. You will learn core business concepts and use them in “real-world” project and internship experiences. MSOE’s Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management (BM) prepares you to be an innovative leader, a team player and a technologically savvy professional.

The program includes options to specialize in areas like marketing and entrepreneurship, managerial leadership, operations management, financial management and engineering studies. The degree is available to traditional full-time undergraduate students, and flexible study plans are available for working professionals. If you have an associate degree, the transfer plan grants junior standing to qualified individuals. Courses in the program can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis.

The results

The placement rate for business and management graduates was 90% in 2015-16, while the average starting salary was $47,167.

They started great careers with companies including:

  • Accenture
  • Associated Bank
  • Brady Corp.
  • Charter Manufacturing
  • Direct Supply Inc.
  • United Hospital System

The field

Successful organizations search for business graduates who are prepared to face the challenges of a dynamic business environment within a global society. MSOE business graduates fill this need through a unique blend of technical and business courses that bring together a powerful mix of fundamental business concepts and practical applications.

Depending on what you choose to specialize in, you could help to launch a major marketing campaign, manage production operations or seek out strategic new initiatives. If mathematics is your strength, perhaps you’d prefer working on the financial side of things. Whatever your passion, you’re sure to find a niche within MSOE’s BM degree.

You may want to consider BM if you …

  • Enjoy working as part of team
  • Have strong leadership and communication abilities
  • Enjoy problem solving
  • Have a passion for entrepreneurship

Curriculum Year by Year

Freshman Year

Begin learning about core business management topics. Get a broad-based education focused on communication, broad business concepts and the humanities.

Junior Year

Hone your skills in leadership and management while putting your knowledge to the test through a management internship experience.

Sophomore Year

Move to a more focused business program through advanced studies in finance, statistics, marketing and communication.

Senior Year

Focus on your area of specialization through elective courses while diving into more in-depth topics like ethics, government relations and database management systems.

Program Director

Dr. Michael J. Payne
Associate Professor

Program Educational Objectives

Program objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the academic program is preparing the graduates to achieve. Graduates of the business management program:

  • excel in positions of responsibility and leadership in business organizations.
  • are recognized as experts in at least one business function, are knowledgeable about multiple functions of business.
  • possess superior technical skills and integrate technology to facilitate and improve business.
  • are effective communicators and exhibit strong interpersonal skills with particular appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • engage in lifelong learning that enables them to continually improve business processes and practices.

Student Outcomes

Student outcomes are narrower statements that describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. Upon completing the business management program, students will:

  • have generalized skills in accounting with the ability to create, analyze and evaluate financial data and reports.
  • possess knowledge of economics and economic systems that leads to the application of economic models in problem-solving.
  • demonstrate managerial competence related to business process, organizational behavior, and strategic business management.
  • apply the tools of quantitative business to effectively analyze and create solutions to business problems and opportunities.
  • understand information systems and have skills to use and integrate technological tools and systems to management and improve business.
  • have knowledge of business finance with the skills to make effective business choices.
  • are skilled at business marketing and have the capacity to create and implement strategic market approaches.
  • exhibit a commitment to moral, ethical, and social responsibility in their business management decisions.
  • demonstrate awareness and strategic thinking that reflects a global business perspective.
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