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At MSOE, students are offered many opportunities to conduct research through the Academic Undergraduate Research (AUR) and Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs. The projects showcased on this page are a result of students’ meaningful participation in research and other scholarly activities under the mentorship of the MSOE faculty members listed below. This is a very unique opportunity for students to acquire knowledge and experience that transcends traditional coursework as well as to become a part of the larger research, scientific, and professional communities. Students receive credit towards their major or minor degree for the work they complete, which includes tasks such as conducting literature searches, formulating research problem statements, and reporting results. Findings are then presented at a student-oriented or professional research conference, effectively allowing students to experience a true research project from beginning to end.

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Dr. Michael McClone-Carriere


Dr. William S. Gonwa

Dr. David Howell

Dr. Subha Kumpaty

Dr. Jane Paige

Dr. Vincent Prantil

Dr. Cory J. Prust

Dr. Nebojsa Sebastijanovic

Nadya Shalamova

Dr. Nadya Shalamova

Dr. Jay Urbain

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