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Technical Communications

Rader School of Business 4th Annual MSOE Business Plan Competition

Pursue a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication, where you’ll learn how to connect the creators of technology with the end users. Learn how to provide clear and concise communication through a variety of media, including print and electronic.

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University Scholars

Rader School of Business classes taught by Dr. Michael Payne, as

Through our University Scholars Program, take specialized classes and engage in challenging and exciting opportunities as an incoming freshman. In this program, you will combine academic success with community service by exploring innovative ideas, building relationships, and creating projects using your creativity and engineering skills.

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Humanities and Social Sciences


Our department offers courses in the humanities, the social sciences, English, communication, and engineering graphics. These offerings include both fundamental and advanced courses to develop and enrich students so they might become more sensitive to and fully aware of themselves and others.

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