Construction Science and Engineering Center

img-constscienc-engctr-photosThe Construction Science and Engineering Center promotes innovation in the building design and construction industries by conducting applied research in structural materials and systems as well as construction methods. 2,100 square feet of floor space with a clear height of 36 feet is dedicated to testing products for structural integrity and failure points, helping to determine marketability and safety. Access to the lab is easy with a large truck door and an overhead crane with two 5-ton trolleys.

Specialized and adaptable structural testing systems, including a two-channel digitally controlled system, can produce loads from 50 to 500,000 pounds on specimens up to 24 feet tall. The lab has multiple computerized data acquisition capabilities and an extensive array of transducers for measuring force, displacement and strain. Student activities in this laboratory ensure that MSOE graduates understand the physical realities of structural behavior and construction.


Dr. Douglas Stahl
Director of Construction Science and Engineering Center
Phone: (414): 277-7308 Fax: (414) 277-7470

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