img-tetralattice-photos2With the additive nature of Solid Freeform Fabrication it is possible to create objects never thought possible, such as complex, three dimensional lattice structures. TetraLattice is one of these structures.

TetraLattice is modeled after the atomic bond structure found in diamond offering a simple repeating unit-cell. Arrays of TL units form complex lattice structures as well as complex channels within objects, resulting in many useful applications.

Low Density Expendable Patterns for Investment Casting

  • Ease of Resin Drainage in Thin Features
  • Reduced Ash
  • Reduced Shell Cracking Risk

Implants and Medical Applications

  • Bone In-growth structure
  • Tissue Scaffolding in Any Form
  • Discontinuous Structure, Allowing Excellent Strain Properties

Conformal Cooling and Heating

  • 3-4 X Improvement in Heat Removal
  • Turbulence Inducing Form
  • High Projected Surface Area
  • High Compressive Strength
  • Conforms to Any Shape

Heat Exchangers and Heat Sinks

  • High Surface Area
  • Conforms to Any Shape
  • Turbulence Inducing Form

Stress Reducing SLS Build Style

  • Breaks Lines of Stress in Additive Fabrication Processes
  • Reduces Material Usage

Functionally Graded Composites

  • 3-D Gradients of Two or More Materials
  • Intertwined Lattice Structures for Reduced Delamination
  • Graded in any Direction at any Ratio in any Shape


  • Impact Absorption
  • Weight Reduction
  • Fluid Storage

Intertwined Lattice Structures

  • Battery Cells
  • Capacitors
  • Antenna Arrays
  • Tissue Scaffolding
  • Ion and Chemical Transfer


  • Graded Pore Size
  • Conform to any Shape
  • Tunable 3D Filters


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