Minor in Mathematics

The Minor in Mathematics is offered to those students who wish to expand their background and understanding of mathematics. A mathematics minor will strengthen a student’s specialty, make his or her degree more attractive to potential employers, and enhance the preparedness of the student for graduate school.

To qualify for a Minor in Mathematics, a student must take at least 31 credits in eligible courses. Sixteen of these credits must be earned in residence at MSOE. At least three credits must be taken above and beyond the total credits required to earn the bachelor’s degree. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for mathematics courses counted towards the minor.

Approved courses used to fulfill program elective requirements may also be applied towards the minor. For further questions or information, please contact the department chair.

Required Courses

MA-136 Calculus for Engineers I
MA-137 Calculus for Engineers II
MA-231 Calculus for Engineers III
MA-232 Calculus for Engineers IV
MA-235 Differential Equations
MA-262 Probability and Statistics

Approved Courses (must choose three)

MA-2310 Discrete Mathematics I 3 credits
MA-327 Mathematical Modeling 4 credits
MA-330 Vector Analysis 3 credits
MA-3320 Discrete Mathematics II 3 credits
MA-343 Linear Programming 3 credits
MA-344 Nonlinear Programming 3 credits
MA-3710 Mathematical Biology 3 credits
MA-380 Advanced Differential Equations 3 credits
MA-381 Complex Variables 3 credits
MA-382 Laplace and Fourier Transforms 3 credits
MA-383 Linear Algebra 3 credits
MA-384 Statistical Methods for Use in Research 3 credits
MA-385 Modern Algebra with Applications 3 credits
MA-386 Functions of a Real Variable 3 credits
MA-387 Partial Differential Equations 3 credits
MA-388 Introduction to Number Theory 3 credits

Some of the approved courses are offered every year and some only if there is sufficient interest. There is no guarantee of availability of any particular course in any particular quarter. Future changes in course offerings that will meet the requirements of the minor will be indicated in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog.
Note: MA 262 is replaced by MA 3611 in the biomedical engineering program.


Mathematics Minor Coordinator
Dr. Kseniya Fuhrman
Associate Professor

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