Doing Business with China 2018

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China is endless in its depth and complexity.

In this two-part series you will learn about doing business with China while exploring profound history, rich cultures, powerful politics, and unprecedented economic growth that are woven together into one of the most vibrant, complex, and important business environments in our global economy.

Understanding Doing Business with China

With a population of 1.3 billion, China is the second largest economy. China’s role and influential as a leader in the global economy continues to grow. Yet, at the same time, it is a developing country (its per capita income is still a fraction of that in advanced countries). China’s markets and reforms are evolving and influence economies beyond its borders. Ramifications of this massive economic transformation reverberate through China’s domestic, cultural, and political systems; and through businesses around the world. Via experienced guests, readings and discussions you will learn about essential operating strategies, management issues, and ethical considerations, while understanding the intricate role culture plays in doing business with China.

Cultural Immersion

MSOE travel group in China
Extend your learning with a once in a life time opportunity to travel to Shanghai, Beijing, and rural China to experience business in China first-hand. Over 11 days you will network with executives from a variety of companies, meet with policy makers, and engage in meaningful discussions about current business issues, as well as everyday life issues. You will also experience the rich culture of China as you walk the Great Wall, barter in the market, savor Peking duck and ride the subway. Additionally, you will compare and contrast rural and urban life through participation in a servant leadership project. As leadership is progressively transferred to the students during the trip, you will gain experience and confidence in international business.

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