Allana Marie Nicolas
Oh my gosh I am so happy! Cause I thought I would fail my math and english final but I got A's! Hallelujah! Not so sure about my Psychology and History 151 final though. I hope I did okay. Now, I just need to finish my AP Physics final. Oh my goodness...
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Kayla Maule
Since we are an engineering school, last Friday we put the ESL students to the test to design and construct the most creative gingerbread houses they could think of. Many students were unfamiliar…
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willie lewis
my shift is over & my vacation starts...NOW!!!!
Denise Gergetz
The library's proxy server, OCLC's EZProxy, is currently using a security protocol called SSLv3.  In November 2014, Google researchers announced that they had discovered that SSLv3 is vulnerable to…
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Elle Meinholz
Had my first cake pop from Starbucks today, compliments of my Secret Santa. It was DELICIOUS. Thank goodness there is a Starbucks right off campus :)
Kailey Smith
On Tuesday December 16th, I lost a key on a red lanyard with yellow writing that says “Marines” on it. I lost it some point between RWJ and the CC around 10:00 AM. If you anyone finds it, please…
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