Medhat Khalil
Looking for first car for my 17 years old son. Best car is inexpensive, 1.8-2.5 Liter, 4 doors. Looking to hear from you
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Nathan Gray
Now do me a favor. Hit the search bar on this page and type IT. What comes up? Nothing. Yes so awesome! Now type IT: Information technology. Oh look there exists a page. Now just for fun, as shown…
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Josiebel Sambolin
Are you interested in  International Business?    Are you interested in Marketing and Export Management ? How about studying in Germany for a year or participating in  Doing Business with China…
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Angela Jaeger
Anyone looking to live off campus and looking for a roommate? Please inbox me with info!
Nick Ferguson
I have been trying to go to to sign into my email. When I go to sign in, it says there is an error verifying my identity. It may be because I have not changed the default password…
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Trevor Foren
I'm currently enjoying my time as an intern for a local technology company, but soon school will be starting up.  As an incoming freshman, I'm not sure when I should begin to wrap things up at…
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Debra Jenks
I'm on a quest to find all the new and prospective nursing students.    What are you most excited about?      Dr. Jenks Chair MSOE School of Nursing
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Megan Fugitt
About a month till move-in day...just putting the final pieces together!!
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