Nathan Gray
There should be a directory of MSOE professors including contact info and picutes by department like existed on the old website. It is increasingly hard to find all of these informations. I know the idea was to have each professor have their own profile which provides this info but from the looks of it some of the information on their profiles is hidden and pictures aren't there. If this does exist please advice
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Nathan Gray
When will the Fall Scheduler be opening up?Registrar
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William Gonwa
Please edit this document and place your name after any open spot to claim a time for advising.   Friday, April 24, 2015   3:00 pm Ben Gamerdinger 3:15 pm 3:30 pm Sean Casey 3:45 pm 4:00 pm …
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Brittany Vitkovich
We have a meeting tomorrow at 1pm! We will be having pizza and hosting officer elections for next school year! Hope to see everyone there since it is one of our last meetings of the school year!
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Davinci Wallace
It was wonderful to see so many great families at the Orange County National Fair.   I will be at the Del Mar Fair tomorrow night and the San Diego National Fair on Tuesday. I hope to see many more wonderful families. 
Davinci Wallace
Today, I will be at the Orange County National fair. I hope to see many fabulous students.  
Seandra Mitchell
This Friday is a VERY important day for High School Seniors! It's the day to send in your $175  tuition deposit and join the class of 2019!  You can submit your deposit online and become a Raider in a matter of minutes. We hope to see you on campus this fall.
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Loveday Roman
Made the decision to become an MSOE Raider today! But I knew that was gonna happen all along:))
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