Melissa McFadden
I don't understand why I can't buy a weekly parking pass in the new parking structure for the summer. NotCool
Walter Schilling
Please sign up for one of the free spots on this schedule.  (Note: Spots marked with X's are unavailable for advising.  Please sign up in free spots ONLY!)   Note: Week 10 will be reserved for…
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Davinci Wallace
The morning session at the National Fair in San Diego was great. I can't wait for the night session that starts at 6 pm.  I hope to see some more  great students.   
Matters Most
Katarina Midelfort
Midelfort BioE Spring Term 2013-2014 Academic Advising Sign-Up   For Midelfort Academic Advisees: Please enter your name after the time slot to claim a slot.   7th Week: Freshmen and Sophomore…
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David Burt
Hey guys ASCE is going to be participating in the Hoops for Hunger 3v3 Basketball Tournament on May 3rd.  The cost per team is $32 and each team can be made of 3 or 4 people.  We currently have 3…
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David Howell
We do some fun stuff in Student Activities (as a way of providing students with good social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, diverse, and community-centric activities),…
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M Eritus
Tagging  Kip Kussman from my phone!
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Student Activities
MSOE's Greek Council will join the Fraternities and Sororities from other campus for a clean-up event of downtown Milwaukee.   ALL GREEK SERVICE PROJECT Saturday, 26 April 2014 @ 10am to 2pm…
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