Nils Hay
Does MSOE offer any scholarship for students that are eagle scouts?
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Ian Hyzy
The MSOE doc for setting up accounts on Android looks like it's only for Samsung devices, as the Email app for stock Android 4.4 (possibly earlier) only includes the…
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Davinci Wallace
Week 2 of Summer Program began last night. If Week 2 is anything like Week 1 then it will be a total blast.  
Megan Waelti
It's Private College Week!  Our Admissions team is excited to meet everyone and answer your questions!  Make sure to stop by!
Brian Melcher
Does anyone know how to change your account information? Specifically, your login password? I have been unable to find how/where to do this.
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Akshay Verma
My ACT composite score isn't as high as I would like it to be but my math score is a 28. My GPA is also a 3.5. If I cant get my composite to go up will the admissions counselors overlook my composite…
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Matters Most
Nils Hay
MSOE looks alot better after the week 1 summer program, really happy I took that camp
Riya Chaudhari
Does anyone know when we get our dorm room's and roommates? I've been very impatient to know who I'll be rooming with.
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