Kent Peterson
Students from MSOE's Carter Academy were challenged by Dr. Fred Berry to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today. Check it out on Hub TV! MSOE faculty members Dr. Russ Meier and Gina Moran: you've been challenged by the Carter Academy to be next up!

Carter Academy Ice Bucket Challenge - Hub TV
Dan Meiser
Congrats to all the Carter Academy Students for for finishing the summer program. Your hard work makes you one step closer to graduation!
Chao Chang
Happy Friday everyone! The school year will be back in session soon. Looking forward to my first MSOE Welcome Week!
Angela Beling
What are the dimensions of the Laptops that the freshmen are getting this year?
John Ohme
Anybody else have trouble using the Hub on mobile devices?
Elle Meinholz
Dr. Frederick Berry's ALS Ice bucket challenge was awesome! Can't wait to see the Carter Academy students take on the challenge next!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube
Matters Most
Kasey Mylin
So I'm trying to win a scholarship but I need votes in order to win. I would greatly appreciate it if you could follow the link below and vote for my entry!! Please and thank you :) 

Scholarship Voting -
Dan Meiser
A big thank you goes out to Sandra Mejia for creating this beautiful picture for my new office in Trio!
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