Mandy Runnalls
had a great day at Appleton N HS today--super excited to go back on Wed to meet with more PLTW friends!  Jack Cerasoli and Brian Jones come on by to Bates' class 3rd hour (9:50) (we'll just do the guidance visit there) and say hi!
William Gonwa
Please sign up for an advising slot after the listed time.   Friday October 24, 2014   8:30 am 8:45 am 9:00 am 9:15 am 9:30 am - Eric Fulsaas 9:45 am - Mark Thalaengkit 10:00 am - Sadie…
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Kelly Flemming
Try the Milwaukee Public Library!  Located on 815 W. Wisconsin Avenue, it was built of Limestone in 1898 in Renaissance style and is a historic landmark. Hours vary during the fall and winter: M 12…
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In addition to MSOE’s own counseling services, MSOE offers an employee assistance plan through a private, non-profit agency that has professional staff available to meet with you and provide problem…
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Elle Meinholz
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Senior Visit Days continue to grow by the minute. High School Seniors, don't forget to schedule your visit! We recommend that you apply during your visit to receive a FREE t-shirt! We are excited to meet the families visiting us tomorrow and Friday.
Senior Visit Days tomorrow and Friday! I hope to see you there :)
Davinci Wallace
We have two senior visit days this week. One is tomorrow (Thursday) and the other one is on Friday.  I am so excited to have these students on campus.   By the way seniors, don't forget to apply to MSOE if you have not yet.
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Jose Lopez
Sent my transcripts! Now I wait! :)
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