Procedure for Academic Credit Award

Earn MSOE credit

A limited number of seats will be available in graduate program and professional education non-credit offerings for undergraduate or graduate students who wish to participate and who possess the necessary prerequisite background. If a student wishes to receive academic credit for the learning offered in the non-credit experience, they must register for an independent study course (e.g., MS499 or MG799) in the academic term closest to the offering. Quarterly registration deadlines and requirements apply.

The student must work with an approved MSOE faculty member to determine the specific requirements for the learning and establish how learning will be assessed and graded. The faculty member will submit a grade to the Registrar’s office based on intended/achieved student learning. Student seats will only be available when there are a minimum of six paid students registered in the course. Students will be waitlisted on a first-come, first-served basis and will be notified of availability of seats in the non-credit offering three days prior to the start of the course.

Please Note:
Students should check with their academic advisor to make sure the program satisfies a credit requirement for their academic program.
Graduate students are limited to applying a maximum of nine credits of and other approved transfer universities coursework toward their degree program.

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