Lean Associate Certificate

This workshop offers a four-day Lean Associate Certificate program that provides a basic overview of the tools that make up Lean methodology. You will learn the ideology of waste and waste elimination and how to apply the various Lean tools.

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The Lean Associate Certificate is designed to provide a minimum understanding of the Lean methodology to help enable a culture that is poised for a world-class journey. You will understand the need for change, the importance of a team approach, and gain an overview understanding of the Lean tools. The course provides participants with baseline knowledge to support an organization’s on-going world-class initiative.

Lean Associate uses the modules from Lean Lead Facilitator. The modules included in Lean Associate are:

  • Lean Overview
  • 5S and Visual Management
  • Problem-Solving Tools
  • Team Building

Course Content

  • The history of Lean and how it fits into today’s businesses
  • Eight forms of business waste
  • Basic Lean Tools Overview
  • How and when to apply the Lean tools to eliminate the eight forms of waste.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Understand the Lean methodology and the need for Lean
  • Be able to identify the eight different forms of business waste
  • Have a basic understanding of the lean tools and which wastes they target
  • Ready to serve on future Lean projects or Kaizens

Why you should attend:

  • Have joined a Lean organization and need an understanding of Lean
  • Have been selected to be part of a Lean event
  • Are a supplier and/or customer who has encouraged you to embark on the Lean Journey
  • Entry point to becoming a Lean Leader
  • Process owners to gain knowledge of Lean improvements

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