Professional Engineer License

Based on new regulations, professional engineers (PEs) in the state of Wisconsin are now required to complete 30 approved Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or equivalent continuing education units biennially to maintain PE licensure in Wisconsin.

All PEs are required to complete two PDHs in engineering ethics. MSOE offers three options to fulfill this requirement:

  1. A professional development course offered on MSOE’s downtown campus or at your company location
  2. An undergraduate course in ethics for engineers. To add your name to an email list to receive notification of upcoming engineering ethics offerings, click here.

As an ABET-accredited program provider, MSOE offers a variety of alternatives to help PEs meet the new PDH requirement in Wisconsin and also in other states. Options include:

  • Complete an MSOE graduate or undergraduate course that extends PE knowledge into another topical area. PEs must complete a free online application as a graduate or non-degree candidate to enroll in regular courses. A three-credit course provides 30 PDHs. Courses that earn credit will be reported to the learner on a transcript to provide the needed documentation to the state. For more information, contact Graduate & Professional Education at or (800) 321-6763.
  • Attend an MSOE professional development course. Participants receive one PDH for each contact hour, and will receive a Certificate of Completion from MSOE as documentation for the state. For additional information, contact MSOE at or (800) 321-6763.
  • Attend an MSOE custom education or training session conducted at your company’s site. MSOE can offer professional development courses at company locations via a contractual agreement. Participants receive one PDH for each contact hour, and will receive a certificate of completion from MSOE as documentation for the state. For additional information, contact MSOE at or (800) 321-6763.
  • Develop and present an engineering-related topic at a Professional Engineers Advancing Knowledge (PEAK) education event sponsored by MSOE; or just attend a PEAK education event. If a PE chooses to present at a PEAK event, PDH credit is earned the first time the presentation is delivered. PDHs for presentations developed and delivered are earned at two PDHs per hour of delivery. For additional information, contact Andreana Moody at or (414) 277-2334.
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