Employer Direct Billing

If your employer/organization is paying your term’s costs and needs to be billed by MSOE, a letter of authorization from the company or agency must be sent to the Student Accounts Office or must accompany the registration form each term. The letter of authorization must state exactly what expenses will be covered; i.e., which classes, costs, fees, books, etc. MSOE must have the letter at the time of the student’s registration.

This letter cannot be contingent upon any conditions.

Under the direct billing to employer option, MSOE will bill the employer at the beginning of the term for all tuition, fees, room and board, and all other assessed charges authorized and incurred. The student is responsible for any amount not covered at the time of billing. MSOE will expect employer payment in full within 45 days of billing. If not paid in full by the employer, the student is responsible for the amount due and will be subject to monthly late fees of not more than 1% per month on the total unpaid charges beginning on the 30th day of delinquency and monthly thereafter until the balance is paid in full.

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