Perkins Loans

For Perkins Loan Borrowers:

  • If you have received a Federal Perkins Loan previously and completed your entrance counseling and MPN, you are NOT required to complete anything. Your Federal Perkins Loan funds will automatically be applied to your account in the amount indicated on your Financial Aid Award Offer.

Perkins Loan Information for Those Entering or In Repayment

  • University Accounting Service (UAS) MSOE has contracted with UAS to service the Federal Perkins Loan. You can visit the University Accounting Service (UAS) Web page to receive repayment information and deferment forms, or you can contact them toll free at (800) 999-6227.
  • Make Federal Perkins Loan Payments Online If you have a Federal Perkins Loan, you can make your loan payments online through our loan servicer University Accounting Service (UAS). Make your online payment here.
  • Update Your Address with University Accounting Service (UAS) You can change your address online with UAS using the change of address form.
  • School Deferment Form Former and present MSOE students who are currently in repayment can suspend payments on their Federal Perkins Loan by receiving an in-school deferment if they are enrolled at least part-time at any college or university. To request the deferment, please complete the in-school deferment form.
  • Financial Arrangement Form Former MSOE students that are currently experiencing financial hardship may be granted alternative payment arrangements. Please complete the Financial Arrangement form.
  • If you have any questions about your Federal Perkins Loan, please contact Julie Snyder at or at (414) 277-7131.
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