Payment Plan FAQ

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Do I have to sign up for a payment plan each term?
No. Once you sign up, your option will remain the same from term to term unless you change it.

What if I wish to change my option?
You may do so by contacting the Student Accounts Office. However, you must do so before the start of a new term.

What will happen if my account is past due?
As stated in the agreement, late fees of not more than 1% per month on the total unpaid charge will accrue until your account is current. In addition, you will not be allowed to register for future terms.

Do I have to sign up for a payment option if I am covered in full by financial aid?
Yes. All students are required to choose a payment option.

If I am receiving financial aid (or other funds) that is in excess of tuition/fees, will I receive a refund?
Yes. Refunds are processed after all tuition, fee, room and board and other charges are paid. Your refund will be processed within 10 days of posting a credit balance. If you have any questions regarding refund checks contact Student Accounts at (800) 886-6763, (414) 277-7130 or email

What will happen if I withdraw from the university?
Withdrawing from school as well as dropping classes can have an adverse effect on your financial aid as well as your balance due. Please refer to MSOE’s refund policy.

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