Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

Student Accounts Office

I agree that demand of payment, presentment for payment, notice of dishonor, notice of non-payment, and all other notices except those required by law are hereby expressly and severally waived by the debtor, and is understood that MSOE may, without notice, and without affecting liability of such debtor, renew and/or extend this agreement, accept partial payment thereon, or settle or compromise the amount due or owing.

Notice is given that MSOE may at its option, report and access good and bad credit information (i.e., credit ratings, etc.) to/from credit bureaus and other appropriate campus and non-campus organizations. If I fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, MSOE may:

  1. refer the account to a collection agent for further collection efforts,
  2. initiate legal proceedings,
  3. withhold institutional services, such as transcripts or diplomas, and
  4. assess all costs of collection.

Notice is given that MSOE, in the usual conduct of its credit granting and collection activity, may release the student’s social security number to non-campus organizations. In order to register for subsequent terms, or receive transcripts, accounts must be current by the due date.

If I fail to make any payment when due, MSOE may declare my entire balance due and payable 15 days after giving me written notice of default and after my failure to cure such default. I am aware that I cannot register for classes without the permission of the Student Accounts Office while owing any part of the prior terms tuition/fees/room and board and other charges. Furthermore, I am aware that a hold may be placed on my records to prevent such a registration. I authorize MSOE to pay out of my federal financial aid proceeds any non-educational related fees and charges that may occur during my enrollment at MSOE. Non-educational fees are parking fines, dorm damage charges, etc.

I agree to pay all tuition/fees/room and board and other charges in full, this agreement notwithstanding, before any financial aid will be disbursed/refunded to me.

I understand that I will receive a monthly billing statement of the amount due regardless of my chosen payment plan.


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