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99% of students receive financial aid for the cost of an MSOE education.  The total cost of attendance includes both billable (tuition, room and board and technology fees) and non-billable expenses (transportation, books, meals etc). Non billable expenses are estimates and may change each quarter depending on student needs.  Tuition is subject to change on an annual basis.

MSOE Tuition


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Once you understand that MSOE is affordable, you will need to determine how you want to make your payments. Just like the financial aid process, we’ve made the payment process just as simple offering a number of options for you to make comfortable payments that you can manage.

Payment options

Student Responsibilities


Earning scholarships, borrowing money and getting a campus job are great ways to afford your college education. But with all of this comes the responsibility of being informed about these financial resources. Regardless of the type of assistance you choose to use, it is important that you understand your role in making college affordable.

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