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Teachers & Guidance Counselors

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Your students have already achieved so much while in high school. Our goal is to help them bring that success to college.

It’s never too early to get your students excited about their futures.

MSOE hosts and sponsors many programs and competitions for high school students to develop their skills and interests in the STEM fields.

Pre-college Programs

In order to properly advise your students, find out what MSOE’s minimum requirements for admission are.

Find out why MSOE is a great fit for your student.

With high demand academic majors in the engineering, business and nursing fields, MSOE students work hard and, as a result, reap lifetime rewards. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the advantages MSOE can offer your students. Here are just a few answers to the question, “Why MSOE?”:

  • 94% job placement for MSOE graduates
  • Highest starting salaries in Wisconsin, $55,160 average
  • Direct admission to the student’s major—no waiting lists
  • Free graduate tuition for those who meet certain qualifications
  • Guaranteed graduation in four years for those who start and stay on track
  • Guaranteed interaction with faculty in the classroom and lab

To help navigate the admission process, we recommend the following links:

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Scholarships from MSOE

Student Accessibility Resources

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