Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered an international student at MSOE?
Persons who have a citizenship of another country other than the United States are considered international students at MSOE. If you are a permanent resident of the United States, then you would not be considered an international student.

How many students are enrolled at MSOE?
We have over 2,500 students enrolled in MSOE including our undergraduate and graduate programs on both a part-time and full-time basis. Nearly 7% of the population are considered international students. In fall 2012, there were 175 international students from many countries around the world.

Does MSOE offer scholarships?
Yes. Undergraduate international students accepted into MSOE are considered for an academic scholarship in an amount up to $12,000 (USD) per year of attendance at MSOE. To qualify for this scholarship you must be accepted to MSOE.

Do you offer health insurance for international students?
Yes, international students at MSOE are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan while attending MSOE. This is to ensure the student has adequate health care coverage if they need any medical assistance while in the United States. International students that have existing health care coverage through a sponsor, or through their own insurance carrier, must provide a letter of health insurance coverage to be exempt from this fee.

Do you offer student tutoring?
Yes. MSOE offers free academic tutoring and help with English to undergraduate students through our Raider Center for Academic Success.

What is the “technology package?
MSOE requires all full-time, undergraduate students to participate in our technology program.We provide you with a laptop computer with many benefits like state-of-the-art software, compatibility, support, insurance and more.

How do most people get around campus and the city of Milwaukee?
Many students on campus do not have a car and get around by:

  • Walking gets you to almost everything you need, including many restaurants with food from all over the world, a shopping mall, movie theatres and places where a variety of sports can be played.
  • Campus shuttle transports students in and around the campus area during evening hours.

Milwaukee city bus system transports students to many places around the city.

Do you have residence halls?

Yes! As a matter of fact, over 70% of our new freshmen live in one of our three residence halls! Not only is living in the residence halls a great way to meet people, but it also helps you stay in school. If you need help with a class, hundreds of students are around you who are taking or have taken the same class.

As an international student, what services will be provided to me once I arrive on campus?
Many services are available to you once you arrive on campus and also during your time at MSOE:

  • Once you arrive on campus, an international orientation is provided that will allow you to become familiar with the American educational system, the MSOE campus and the city of Milwaukee.
  • Free group and individual help is available at the Raider Center for Academic Success at MSOE in which you can receive free help with writing, math and science homework.

How can I get from the Milwaukee airport to MSOE’s campus?
There is a convenient service provided through GoRiteWay. Choose “Book A Ride”, then “From Airport”, and then “One Way.” The airport code in Milwaukee is MKE. You can then enter your arrival details. Drop off location at is under “Univ./Colleges” and is listed as “MSOE-Johnson and Regents Hall” for the residence halls or “MSOE – Tower Apartment.”

In addition, the International Student Association has a mission of helping new international students with any questions or concerns that a new international student may have once they arrive on campus.

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