Focus on Computer Engineering

July 15-20, 2018

Registration for 2018 programs will open in November!

Computer engineers “put computers in stuff” – they design the hardware and software brains in a huge variety of products (like iPhones, medical devices, cars, and airplanes). This intense, week-long summer camp will challenge you as you learn more about the computer engineering (CE) field. You will get hands-on exposure by working closely with faculty in our labson exciting projects.

Topics included in the CE Focus on the Possibilities:

  • Introduction to the history and scope of computer engineering
  • Basis of digital signals used in computer systems
  • How computers do math and make decisions
  • Learn about and use modern programmable logic devices
  • Learn how computers interface with the world through sensors and actuators
  • Assemble a hand-held game platform
  • Learn to program the game platform to play a game using the ‘C’ programming language
  • Tour a local company that manufactures computer-based equipment

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