Focus on Software Engineering


Prerequisite: introductory high-school Java programming or previous Java programming experience

Software engineers are the people that write the programs run your Android/iPhone apps, your favorite game, your car, or even your mom’s dishwasher. Software (that is, computer programs) run every computer. Demand for talented software engineers continues to grow. You can be the person that writes the next big app. This intense, week-long summer camp will expose you to what people software engineering (SE) field do, build upon the Java programming skills you’ve already acquired in high-school. You will get hands-on exposure by working closely with faculty in our labs on projects like the following:

  • Learn how to create PC-based Java game applications using advanced graphics techniques such as animation, transparency.
  • Create a Java-based virtual robot that battles other student-written virtual robots on a virtual battlefield.
  • Create a Java program to control a Lego Mindstorm robot
  • Learn to program Android-based devices, such as phones and tablets, using Java.

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