Have you ever called up a family member with a baby, and they give the baby the phone so that you can talk to them? I've had that happen so many times because of my younger siblings and always being away from them. I talked to my dad this weekend and he gave my youngest sister (1 year old) the phone so that she could say hi. I'm not certain if she can actually talk yet, but she didn't say anything to me as I kept saying "Hi" continuously. I could hear my dad distantly telling her to say hi back. Apparently she was just staring at the phone. This has been the reaction for each of my siblings whenever I talk to them on the phone when they're babies. I can't help but picture them just staring at the phone in amazement, like "Where is that sound coming from? Is there a person in this device my parent is giving me?" I don't think anyone will ever know what truly goes through a baby's head.