I'm going to tell you all a story and it's pretty long.

I might not be working at this very moment, but I've been searching around the HUB just because. And it's gotten me to think that I should answer this all time question that almost every student has been asked. "Why did you choose MSOE?" Now as everyone knows the majority of the student population is at MSOE is from Wisconsin and the neighboring states. There is a very few group of students who are from farther states. I for one, am one of those students. I was born and raised in Washington state and then moved around until I ended up in New Jersey. So I'm pretty far from home. And when every staff/faculty member or even student asks me where I'm from they then follow up by asking me why I chose MSOE.

The answer is simple. I didn't want to spend 2 years worth of tuition to find out I hated my major. To find out that I wasn't accepted into the field that I wanted and then would have to find something else to do with my life. I had no back up plans if I didn't become an engineer. I had come across MSOE at a college fair at the Javits Center in NYC. They were the first table I stopped at and talked to. The person at the table had informed me that I would go straight into my major and I would already take several classes that delt with it. She even gave me a sample schedule of what my classes would look like. She had set the bar for all the other colleges that were at the fair and they didn't even come close compared to MSOE. I had my heart set on this school.

My mom was sad that I had chosen a school so far away, I'm her only daughter and her oldest at that. I hadn't really looked much into school anyways. If I didn't get into MSOE I was going to go to Washington and attend the school that my grandfather had graduated from, but sadly they didn't have an engineering program so I would have settled for computer science instead. Or I would have gone to the University of Nevada in Reno, where my father lived by. My college counselor in high school kept telling me to look into colleges in NY if I wanted to be away from home. But I wouldn't budge, my heart was set on MSOE.

My admissions counselor, Davinci, definitely helped with my application and anything else I needed to get into MSOE. I still remember when I had broken down because he had informed me there was a slight chance that I wouldn't get in. My heart broke. I wouldn't leave my room and I remember hugging my puppy against me in order to make everything feel alright again. He asked me to give him my college counselor's contact information and I did. Within the next couple of days she had come to my classes discussing with me the reasons why I possibly wouldn't get in and if I had to take some extra math courses at MSOE in order to meet the standards, would I? I said I would and my Freshman year here, I did.

Now of course you should all know that I was accepted since I'm here writing this. But I wasn't the first to know. At this point I had kind of given up and was accepting that I wasn't going to be attending MSOE. So I started looking into the admissions process at the other two colleges that I had in mind. I remember sitting in my room just doing whatever a teenage girl does and my mom comes in with her phone and says "You got accepted?" I looked at her dumbfounded because I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. I hadn't checked my email yet. I asked her what she meant and she couldn't even remember the school name, but as soon as she said Milwaukee, my heart fluttered and my eyes bulged. I asked her how she knew and she told me she got an email. So I flew to my computer and checked my email. And waiting for me was an email from Davinci telling me congratulations and that I had been accepted.

Right now I just checked my email and guess what everyone, I still have that email. I honestly don't think I'll ever delete it. It was probably one of the happiest moments in my life when I read it. I might have read it over a dozen times after receiving it.

Davinci was definitely helpful with making the transition to MSOE by calling me almost every day asking if I had any questions for him. I remember deciding to come here for an open house and I hadn't informed him. I was really excited to come see campus so my mom and I flew over. As soon as I stepped into the Kern the people at the sign in desk knew my name because of the taxi. Apparently Davinci wanted to meet me, at first that really scared me. But he made me feel welcome and would come seek out my mother and I to make sure that if we had any questions they would be answered. The funny thing is, at the open house I met my academic adviser, who I didn't know would be my adviser at the time and I also met my department chair and my program chair as well.

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better college to attend. I love my major, even though there are some parts of it I don't really enjoy (mainly when it comes to coding because I'm not a big coder) but overall I do love MSOE and I love my department. And I have loved every campus job that I have gotten. Currently I'm working in admissions over the summer (with amazing coworkers and counselors) and during the school year I'll be returning to my job as an office worker in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department. I had made some amazing friends. It hurts not being able to go home as often as my family and I would like, but this is what I signed up for. And honestly it was worth the trip and the heartache to truly appreciate being accepted and coming to MSOE.