In "Slowing the Work Treadmill," creativity expert Teresa Amabile suggests that employers can increase workers' creativity and productivity by slowing the pace once in awhile:

“Managers and employees need to work together to constantly prioritize, to figure out what is truly important, what they can forget about, and what can they push to the back burner in order to reduce time pressure. My colleague here at HBS [Harvard Business School], Leslie Perlow, found that, in a department of harried engineers, it was powerful to simply declare ‘quiet time’ in the morning, three days a week: no meetings with or phone calls to colleagues, no interruptions, no expecting immediate responses to emails. People were way more productive. They also felt less stressed and more satisfied with their work.” Read More

What is your work experience in this regard? As college students, what can you do (or do you do) to step off the treadmill occasionally?