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One of my favorite ESL website resources is:

Best Text-to-Speech Demo: Create Talking Avatars and Online Characters | SitePal TTS Demo

Although it's not perfect, if you have questions about pronunciation, this is a pretty good site. You can put in any word (or even full sentences!) to get an idea about pronunciation, syllable stress, and intonation. You can also check out different dialects and languages.

This is a great site if you are working on a presentation. One student I had put his whole presentation into the tool and used it to practice.

Take a look. It's fun, interactive, and informative!


Writing can sometimes be a challenge, even in your native language!

That is why it is so important to review and revise your writing several times before you publish or submit. To help you with this, I have included a list in an the attachment of the top 12 most common writing errors that ESL students do.

You might want to check each item next time your write an essay, e-mail, or even an application!



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