Last week, the ESL Department was very fortunate to have Dr. Paige from the Nursing Department speak with some international students that will be starting their nursing programs next quarter. An interesting discussion that came up was how different healthcare systems function in other countries. By analyzing the different systems, these students were not only able to gain insight about the American system, but also reflect on the effectiveness and perceptions of their own healthcare systems from a new cultural lens.


NAFSA recently published an article related to this about health professionals going abroad and their experiences and lessons: Global Health Matters | NAFSA. Now that I've heard from international students, I'd be interested to hear about some experiences from American MSOE nursing students that have gone abroad and have learned about other healthcare systems.

Thanks again to Dr. Paige for visiting and having a great conversation with the students!


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Are you a professor that uses cursive on the board?


Are you a student that struggles to understand when you receive information in cursive?


Cursive handwriting can be beautiful and efficient. It also can be very confusing for some students, specifically international students whose native languages use different characters, such as Arabic or Mandarin. These students may have only learned English with printed letters and might have a very difficult time understanding cursive written on the board, or on feedback on papers.


Additionally, some primary schools have started phasing out cursive instruction. This paired with so much more schoolwork being done with technology, perhaps even American students are getting less exposure to cursive and may find it difficult to decipher.


What do you think?



Here's an interesting project from Popular Science:

What Will Wisconsin Look Like In The Future? | Popular Science


What do YOU think? In what ways will the projects that students are working on at MSOE contribute to the sustainability of our communities?

Increasing your heart rate could help you warm up! There are plenty of places to jog or walk (even in the winter!) in Milwaukee:

Milwaukee Walking Routes - The best walking routes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Are you from a city or country that normally doesn't get snow or ice? Get some inspiration from the Winter Olympics and try ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding. Your heart will thank you!

Slice of Ice in Red Arrow Park

Tyrol Basin Family Ski and Snowboard Area  (a bit of a drive, but worth it! and inexpensive )

TechShop is America's 1st Nationwide Open-Access Public Workshop -- What Do You Want To Make at TechShop?

I really love this idea of involving the community in a creative environment!