I just read an article that talks about the 3 Things Every Students Must Know to Move Beyond Memory-based Learning. I appreciate the article because I was never good at memorizing information; sure, it makes its way into the frontal lobes (where short-term memory is stored) for a couple of weeks, but not much of that memorized information makes its way across my neural network into the cerebellum (where long-term memory is stored).

Please take the time to read the article. Its 3 may concepts are:

1. memorization is the beginning, not the end of learning

2. memorization has distinct characteristics

3. memorization feels like learning, but is actually not learning

What I like most about this brief article is that it asks us to consider what "learning" is. I always think of Doyle's definition--that learning is when we retain the information a year after receiving it. So, what we learn today but do not retain long-term is not learned.