I love to exercise, in large part because I love to eat. Nothing's better than a good meal after a big workout, and for that big meal, I recommend Simple Cafe (located at 2124 N Farwell Ave,). They don't have a website yet, because it's a pretty new restaurant to Milwaukee, but you can get a sense of what they look like if you visit the website for their cafe in Lake Geneva.

I love breakfast--it's always been my favorite meal. And Simple Cafe does an amazing job with breakfast. I took my family there last Sunday, and the variety provided on the menu was mind-blowing: Kait ordered a medley of trout/sweet potato/brussel sprouts/hollandaise sauce/eggs, Evan ordered apple/cinnamon/french toast, Sue had the roasted butternut squash/sweet potato/baby spinach/tofu hash, and I had the andouille sausage/cheese grits.

And if exercise is what best precedes such culinary richness, then a nap is best served upon its completion. Ah, the big nap after the big workout after the big breakfast. Does life get better on a weekend morning? Half the day is gone, and all you have to show for it is a sleepy grin.

Here's a photo of Evan's dish. Tasty.

evan food.JPG.jpg