As I mentioned yesterday, Brett is a great student. He's currently taking an independent study with me this quarter--his last quarter at MSOE--so we can continue our ongoing, meaningful exchange of information.

For the first assignment, I asked Brett to answer a series of questions. One of the questions was, Do you, a student, feel welcome on this college campus? It's a question I wanted to ask because I want to know if our students do feel welcome; and because I know Brett, I wanted to find out if he's felt welcome here for the last 4 years. Brett gave me permission to share his response to the prompt:

There are a number of factors that play into making students feel welcome on campus. It begins with having professors that are invested in the success of their students. I felt the most welcome on campus when my professors truly care about my ability to succeed in their class and beyond. An example of this is Professor Wentz who is the Director of the Construction Management program at MSOE . Even as a professor, he always works to make sure his students are in a position to achieve their goals. He knows his students and tries to help them in ways above and beyond teaching in the classroom. Professor Wentz is known how hard he works to make sure every one of his students has an internship before summer begins so they can expand on the knowledge they obtain in the classroom. Once April rolls around, you’ll often hear him asking all of his students in the hallway if they have an internship lined up yet. If they don’t he  works hard to find opportunities for them whenever possible. I feel he exemplifies the kind of professor that makes students feel welcome and supported at MSOE.

It's not often when students offer unsolicited praise to one of their professors. I wanted to share this anecdote so we could give a “shout out” to Dr. Wentz for making connections with students like Brett.