I love April Fools Day. Over the years, I've witnessed some great gags. When I lived in Colton, Washington, I had two neighbors--Leroy and Trudy. Leroy was a retired farmer, and Trudy was his sweet wife. One April Fools Day, we woke up and saw that the entrance to their house was surrounded in crime-scene tape. On their front porch was the outline of a body. Everyone in town driving by stopped to see what was was going on and if Leroy and Trudy were okay! It turned out to be a prank perpetrated by Leroy's son. The town sheriff contributed the crime-scene tape, and he got in trouble from the local dignitaries for participating in this April Fools prank.

What tricks have you done on April Fools? Share your anecdote in your reply to this blog: the person who shares the best story will win a foolish prize!