My wife works for Standard Process, a company (located down in Palmyra) that has a huge organic farm that enables them to manufacture whole-food supplements. Sue (my wife) has learned a great deal about the value of organically grown whole food. We talk about what we eat quite a bit, as well as how it relates to our goals.

My family likes to exercise--a lot. It's a great way to spend quality time together. In the summers, we typically do a couple of local triathlons, the Scenic Shore 150, the Cream City Century--stuff like that. In order to make this family lifestyle happen, we have to think about what we eat and make good choices when we plan out our meals. For example, we make a point of only shopping on the periphery of the grocery store, since that's typically where all of the "real food" is located.

What if "real food"? I refer to an online diagram that you can view at Does the food have a label? Are there more than 5 ingredients? These are important questions to ask when you think of food as fuel for one's lifestyle.

I've also found that consuming real food is great for the brain. I love working in the university because it requires a great deal of high-order thought process. The better I eat, the better I sleep, the more I exercise--the better I think.

Here's a video produced by Standard Process. It provides some great information regarding nutrition and lifestyle. Some fun facts: the company was founded by an engineer, and its CEO is an MSOE alumni.