I love to bike, and I love my wife, so, I love biking with my wife. Yesterday, we rode down the Oak Leaf Trail to Disccovery World. On the way back, we had brunch at Simple Cafe.What a great way to spend a Sunday with your best friend.

We have great conversations on bike rides. She has a rockin' bike (a Trek Madone 5.2), so it can be a challenge  to keep up with her. But that's a good problem to have--to try to keep a conversation going while trying to catch your breath because your life-partner is in such good shape that she's making you peddle at 100 rpm.

Her two favorite weekends of the year revolve around distance cycling:

  1. The Scenic Shore 150
  2. The Door County Century

How great is it to have such an ambitious cycling wife?

Here's a photo of us mountain biking last summer. I can't wait until the trails are dry enough to ride again.