I just read an article from The Washington Post on how many people in the U.S. live without indoor plumbing--and where they live. The article provides an interactive map, and it didn't surprise me that many of the places where I've spent quite a bit of time (Alaska, Washington, and Oregon) have high percentages of housing units that lack complete plumbing facilities.

When I married my wife (of 24 years), we lived in a one-room cabin in Fairbanks, Alaska. And guess what--it had no running water, which means we had an outhouse you had to run to (and I say run because the temperatures drop below negative 40 degrees in winter). That said, it was an amazing outhouse. It faced a slough that fed into the Tanana River, a slough full of all kinds of wild animals. It was also a thoroughfare for snowmobiles and dogsled mushers. From that outhouse, you could look up at the Alaskan night sky and watch the Aurora Borialis. And if you've never seen the Aurora Borialis, then please add it to your bucket-list, because everyone needs to see the Aurora.

So the moral of the story is: if you have to live without running water, make sure that the outhouse has a good view.