Students have been providing some meaningful feedback via the Student Satisfaction Feedback form: The statistics are starting to establish patterns in the overall data (you can rate each response on a 7 point scale from "very satisfied" to "not satisfied at all"), and the qualitative feedback (which can be provided in the text fields) gives texture to the statistics.

The form enables the user to either provide their name and email address or not, depending on whether or not the student wants to remain anonymous. I've enjoyed interacting with the students who do provide their name and email address--it gives me the opportunity to discuss some of the content with the students who want an email reply.

Though I'm not sure if I should say that I "enjoy" the interaction, because quite often the feedback is very constructive. But you have to be open to student feedback; after all, students are the ones that know how Student Life can improve the overall student experience. Students are the "end-users" in this educational process. Sometimes, the email exchanges that are the result of the feedback form take on a layer of depth, to the point that email can no longer suffice as an appropriate vehicle for information exchange. At that point, I suggest to the student who I'm interacting with that we have a cup of coffee so we can discuss their ideas. Now that's been very enjoyable, because the students I've had coffee with are prepared for the conversation--and they are ready to talk not only about their experiences but what they want to see for the overall student-body experience.

I can't afford to buy every student who fills out the form a cup of coffee, but I am going to commit to buying coffee for any and all students who want to sit down with me and have an honest conversation about their student experience--whether they fill out the form or just email me directly at, requesting a conversation. That's always an open invitation, especially if it means we can go down to the Starbucks at Red Arrow Park (which, by the way, is getting a redesign) so I can order a dark grande misto.