Did you know that May is National Bike Month? That means it's time to dust off the old bike, lube the chain, put 100 p.s.i. in the tires, drop a helmet on your head, and take that bike out for a spin.

You don't have a bike? Or do you just wish you had another one (because every bicycle enthusiast always wants to have another bike)? Well I have a deal for you! For just $189.99, you can purchase your own single-speed road bike.

I purchased a similar bike several years ago and found it to be quite enjoyable. Milwaukee is flat enough that you can get away with a single-speed flat-bar bike. And the beauty of a bike like this is that it's cheap enough that no one will think twice about stealing it! (I had a bike stolen once, locked up in front of the CC Building, but that's another story for another blog entry).

I've since upgraded to a better single-speed (a Wabi), and I ride that bike four or five times a week. It's addictive. And, it's National Bike Month.