Last Saturday, I went mountain biking with the Extreme Club, a student organization that facilitates less-conventional recreation activities. They asked if I'd be interested in serving as their faculty adviser; I thought it would be best to check them out in action before making a commitment (I've served as a faculty adviser for other student organizations, from the bicycle club to the unicycle club, so this seemed to fit the overall theme). I was impressed with how they handled the event, making sure that everyone was included and ensuring that all had a good time. We then met on Monday to talk about future directions for this organization, and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation--as well as the leadership demonstrated by the students who facilitate this initiative.

I like the very idea of an MSOE Extreme Club. One of the 5 rules I live by is "Play as hard as you work." I like this rule because it implies that I have to play in proportion to how I work. Hence, if I'm working hard, then I better get out there and play pretty hard; similarly, if I want to play harder, then I have to up my work efforts. I've found this to be a healthy approach to my professional life, a vehicle for work/life balance. It's a "moral", or guideline, that I hope to model for the Extreme Club.

Here's a video that Brett Kash put together of last Saturday's ride. We did the #4 loop at the New Fane Trail System.