My wife is allergic to eggs, and I feel sorry for her, because I could eat eggs 24/7/365. Most mornings, I have two fried eggs (over easy) with my Nueske's Bacon. The eggs have to be free-range, organic brown--just the way they were meant to be back in the day before chicken factories became the North American norm. The beauties pictured below are Scotch Eggs from Cafe Centraal in Bay View. They are the bomb: "Beef sausage wrapped hard cooked egg rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Served with garlic aioli and a small arugula salad." And, according to my wife, who is a nutrition super-freak, these babies are not cholesterol killers: they are a super food. According to the article (linked in the preceding sentence), eating eggs can help prevent heart disease and cancer (that is, if you don't wrap them in sausage and deep fry them).