When Kait, my daughter, left for college, we created a webpage for her cat--Shelby. You can view it at Shelby Howell | Facebook. We knew that Kait was going to miss certain aspects of life at home (or at least we were hoping she would), and we definitely knew she was going to miss her cat, so we thought we'd have some fun and enable Shelby to have a web-presence. It worked, because Kait loved to see Shelby post photos and movies online.

What was interesting was trying to get a cat (of all creatures) to create fresh content for his Facebook wall. I mean, how many original photos can you get of a cat when all he does (all day long) is sleep? Really. Getting a good home-movie of a cat is all the more a challenge, which was why it soon became an interesting activity to engage in.

Kait successfully completed her first year of college, and I like to think that Shelby's webpage had something to do with it. Maybe Kait will help him post once she comes home.