My wife was walking past Kohls the other day and took a photograph of a saying: "Find your Yes."


I'm not a big Kohls fan, but I do find this marketing statement to be quite profound. It reminds me of the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey (and Bradley Cooper, Zooey Deschanel, etc.). Years ago, when I started out at the Chair for Servant-Leadership, we didn't have many projects to enact; in the spirit of wanting to drum up some business, and due to the impact of Yes Man, I decided to conduct a social experiment: say yes. If a student came to me with an idea, we'd make it happen. If a community partner contacted me with a need, we addressed it. It made for a very full and fulfilling time in my life, one that has left a profound impact. I like saying "yes", and I like working with people who say "yes". You do need to use some discretion--no doubt about that. But generally speaking, I believe that engaging in life leads to a fulfilled life.