Idiomatic expressions are one of the hardest aspects of learning a second language because what they say is not necessarily what they mean!


Lets see some examples...

"I could care less." ~> means that you don't care BUT if you "care less" then at least you care some!



"Like chalk and cheese"~>  means not alike but you can't substitute a chalk for a cheese right?



"To overlook" ~> means to miss something you should have noticed but if you are over-doing something, isn't that doing it too much?



"Don’t Cross A Bridge Until You Come To It" ~> means not to mess with anything unless something bad strikes


"Prevention Is Better Than Cure"~> means do something to prevent that bad event from happening

" That's a horse of another color" ~> means another matter or  subject altogether not necessarily related to animals


Do you know of  any other expressions?  I know that after so many years, I still struggle with "the alarm going off" in the morning so  Ring along!