Did you know that according to mostly Spanish, Latin American and

Caribbean traditions, the Holiday Season continues until January 6th?






Bet You Did Not Know...


-->That Three Kings Day Eve is celebrated on January 5th by having the children place grass or grain and a dish or water under their

     beds to feed the camels of the Three Kings. The Kings then leave gifts for the children to thank them for the food they left for their


-->That groups of musicians go through the streets of the town singing "aguinaldos" or there are processions through town with

     people dressed as the Kings, Mary, or Joseph.

-->That even though Christmas is celebrated, much more attention is paid to Three Kings Day in the majority of these countries.

-->That the Three Kings Day is sometimes viewed as the last day of the Christmas season. It would be the conclusion to the 12 days

     of  Christmas.

-->That the precious gifts brought by the three kings from the East had meaning. They were Gold, symbol for worldly wisdom,

     Frankincense, devotional offering to the Gods and Myrrh, symbol for the victory of life over death.

--> That it is referred to by generations leading up to WWI, as “old Christmas”!


So remember to put in some grass- or hay- under your bed tonight!  You'll

never know what the Three Kings might leave for you!

Happy Three King's Day from the