Grammar point.png          Let's begin the NEW YEAR 2014 with a Friday Review



Use the present simple to talk about activities or routines which take place on a regular basis.


Present Tense in  Affirmative or Positive Sentences

Subject + present conjugation of verb + objects

I / You arrive early at MSOE.
  She / He / It studies mechanical engineering. 

  You / We / They read the newspaper every day. 

Present Tense in Negative Sentences

Subject + do not + base form of verb + objects

I / You don't (do not) miss school.

She / He / It doesn't ( does not) miss school. 

You / We / They don't (do not) miss school. 


Present Tense in Question Form

Wh? + do + subject + base form of verb ?

When do I / you arrive at MSOE?

What does he / she / it study in MSOE? 

  Where do we / you / they keep your school materials?