Note: Study rooms must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance!!!

Study rooms are available in the Walter Schroeder Library and can be reserved in person, by phone, or by web.  It is also possible to reserve a room for weekly meetings for the quarter (great for Senior Design).


By Phone:  Call the front desk @ (414) 277-7180


By Web:

  1. Navigate to the library's main page via the toolbar of 'My Hub.'
  2. Click on 'Learn More' underneath the 'Meeting and Study Rooms' heading.
  3. Underneath the Study & Collaboration Rooms Heading, in the last paragraph, click on online.
  4. Complete the form for the reservation and we will contact you regarding the reservation.


Study Room Accommodations:

Each study room has electrical outlets and network access points to accommodate laptops.


Study rooms have a table, chairs and a chalkboard and are designed to accommodate 2-4 students.


Collaboration rooms have a large conference table (seating for 8), and two large-screen digital display panels. Panels are wireless-enabled, and will enable students to display their laptops on the screen. Each screen can display (in four quadrants) the laptop displays of four students – eight displays per room.