Do I dare disturb the universe?


Jerry Renault asks himself staring at the poster inside of his locker.

The Chocolate War is another book that has been frequently banned due to its controversial topics intended for a young adult audience.

Jerry Renault is a New England high school student attending Trinity High School.  Trinity has an annual chocolate fundraiser where everyone is expected to participate.  However, things get complicated when the Vigils pick Jerry as their next target.  The Vigils specialize in making assignments focused on causing a maximum amount of psychological harm.  Before the sale, Jerry is called by the Vigils to carry out such an assignment;  Jerry must not sell chocolates in the sale for ten days.  Yet, when Jerry’s ten days are up, he continues to refuse to sell chocolates, refusing the manipulation of the Vigils.  This does not sit well with the Vigils, and Jerry becomes public enemy number 1.

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