No, these are not the contenders for the next library cage match, it is about where you want to start when you're looking for library resources.  Read on and you'll see this can be of use to you.


Discovery is really more about trying to find out about a topic from square one where you maybe have an amorphous idea of what you're after, but not a particular document or resource in mind. If you are here, try using the following options from the library:


  • Summon: This newest discovery service searches pretty much everything we've got - books, e-books, electronic journals, and our databases. It looks a little like Google, only the resources you pull up are going to be more scholarly. While it saves you time by aggregating data from our various vendors, be prepared for a lot of results to look through.
  • Databases by Subject or Academic Major: Call this a greatest hits for your major - you'll get more hits on your searches by focusing on the databases that are geared towards your chosen field(s). If you're primarily interested in articles or papers, which you may well be if your area is cutting edge/volatile, these will direct you to some of the more applicable databases.


Sometimes you've got a specific item in mind whether it was assigned by a professor or referenced in another resource. Here we're using access simply as honing in on your chosen item right away - when a patron knows exactly what they want and just want to see if the library can provide it.


  • e-Resources A to Z is where you can type in the journal title and see if/how much we have access to. Time ranges covered will be next to the vendor service that provides it.
  • The library's catalog is a quick way to find out what titles are carried physically within our walls and the e-books patrons can gain access to.


Can you find specific titles by using Summon and get a range of ideas by using the catalog? Yes. There is no absolute way to search. Some strategies will save you time and effort, though, and we are here to help you. Please feel free to stop by the library and we will be happy to demonstrate.

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