Student Activities

The MSOE Office of Student Activities offers a number of opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals.

Campus life at MSOE is as much a part of a student’s life as any class. MSOE provides co-curricular activities that promote involvement in student organizations and nurture the individual student’s social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional wellness.

  • Leadership Opportunities: Providing and supporting leadership opportunities through the 70+ club sports, government, Greek, honorary, professional, religious, service and special interest Student Organizations at MSOE.
  • Issue Input: Providing students opportunities for input on issues that affect the entire student body.
  • Quality Activities: Providing a variety of quality activities and events that range from recreationally entertaining to the intellectually challenging.
  • Community Interaction: Developing and promoting activities and events that allow students to positively interact with the community in which they live.
  • Program Oversight: Advises and works directly with the Student Union Board (SUB) and Greek Council (fraternities and sororities) to provide programming on campus along with the development and support of campus traditions (Link to: About MSOE/Social Newsroom/Annual Events).
  • Campus Center: Works closely with facilities staff and other campus departments to foster a positive environment and effective usage of the Student Life and Campus Center building.
  • Advocating Wellness: Being an advocate for the development of the whole student through the Wellness-dimension philosophy.
  • Faculty/Staff/Student Interaction: Providing a conduit for student interaction with faculty and staff members outside of the classroom.

MSOE is a proud member of the Milwaukee University and College Activities Organization (MUCAO).

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