Government Organizations

Greek Council

The council is made of four fraternities and three sororities, which are funded and brought together through Greek Council. The body’s goal is to not only to bring Greeks together but to improve life on campus through philanthropic, social, educational, and other events.

Student Government Association

SGA is the common ground for every facet of MSOE. Each week, student organization representatives, senators and MSOE students meet to address and vote on key issues that affect students’ lives. SGA is further represented through student appointments to crucial campus committees such as the Executive Education Council. Throughout the year, SGA also sponsors a student organizational leadership conference, Spring Fling, and a multitude of student forums as a service to MSOE. All members of the MSOE community are welcome and encouraged to attend SGA’s weekly meetings.

Student Union Board

SUB is geared for professional development of each member and the general enhancement of students’ lives at MSOE. Each side of our five-sided logo represents one aspect of our organization: leadership, teamwork, communication, social skills and programming. We will also look to improve on campus life through entertaining and educational programming on campus.

Residence Hall Association

MSOE’s resident students can get involved in the governance of the residence halls. Members can suggest improvements and activities for those living in university housing, and create a stronger connection between the students and their Resident Advisors.


Student Life Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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