Originally published February 5, 2013

Guest blog by Megan Syverson, an MSOE nursing student and representative on the School of Nursing planning committee

There is a home care lab along the back wall of the nursing complex. A few cabinets are set up already so it’ll be interesting to see how that room progresses. Inside the home care lab will be a functional washer and dryer and will resemble a studio apartment. This is helpful for teaching patients how to maintain their homes and participate in their activities of daily living (ADLs) after they come home from the hospital. This room may also be used by other majors, so there’s so many different ways to utilize this space!

Taking a left, you continue on through the department until you see assessment labs on your right, which is where nursing students will begin their clinical experiences as they hone their assessment skills. There’s plenty of room for learning in there! Can’t wait to get these labs all set up and fully functional. It’s going to be great seeing all the students hard at work in all these labs!

Turning 180° from the labs, you’ll notice our nursing station. I like how the flooring and the ceiling both round out to really cue you into this area. The nursing station is really awesome because it allows for a bird’s eye view into each of the simulation rooms through the sweet glass sliding doors! One of the coolest things about these doors is that they can pull out, making it much easier to move beds and other large equipment in and out of the room.